Overcrowding in emergency rooms causes queue of ambulances in Curitiba

ambulance line

Movement of ambulances at Hospital do Trabalhador, in Curitiba.| Photo: Lineu Filho/Tribuna do Pararana

Ambulances lined up in front of the Hospital do Trabalhador, in Curitiba, on Friday night (29). According to the Municipal Health Department of Curitiba, the emergency rooms of the Cajuru and Evangélico Mackenzie hospitals registered a high demand for care by the SUS and asked the city’s bed regulation center to redirect patients.

In a note, the Cajuru University Hospital confirms the high demand and informs that, on the morning of this Saturday (30), the situation returned to normal. Likewise, Hospital Evangélico Mackenzie says that the emergency room was crowded last night, and that the situation was repeated in all hospitals that serve emergencies in the capital.

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The director of the Complexo Hospitalar do Trabalhador, Geci Labres de Souza Junior, explains that, despite the high demand, the services were maintained. “It is important for society to know that there is a process when an ambulance arrives at the hospital: patient reception, assessment, diagnosis and referral. Thus, patients who stay in ambulances are under medical care”, explains the doctor and manager.

According to him, the movement in emergency care is greater on Fridays and Saturdays. On these days, there is usually greater consumption of alcoholic beverages by the population, which results in more traffic accidents and violence. Curitiba is a reference for trauma care and receives patients from all over the metropolitan region.

Respiratory problems also increase demand on SUS

In the last week, the demand for care for patients with respiratory problems, especially children, has also increased. To receive this audience, SMS reorganized the service structure. Since Friday, 11 health units (HUs) have been transformed into points of care for adults and children with mild and moderate respiratory symptoms. They are: US Bairro Novo, US Iracema, US Santa Amélia, US São Braz, US Vila Hauer, US Aurora, US Jardim Aliança, US Campo Alegre, US Rio Bonito, US Mãe Curitibana and US Ouvidor Pardinho.

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