Pear benefits: in addition to being tasty, this fruit has health benefits even in its skin.

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Novo Hamburgo, April 30, 2022, by Priscila Lampert – When talking about us pear benefits, one of the most cited is its low calorie content, set at just 54 calories. However, this sweet and mild-tasting fruit carries many more advantages than just this one. And that’s why today we’re going to talk about the main benefits you can get from this fruit.

Before we talk about the pear benefits, however, it is worth remembering that this fruit has several types. The Portuguese, D’água and Williams varieties, for example, are some of the most common. Furthermore, they also differ in size, color and texture. Still, regardless of the variety, betting on its consumption is a health gain. Shall we find out why?

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See now the main health benefits of pear

pear benefits
Pear benefits: in addition to being tasty, this fruit has health benefits even in its skin / Source: Canva Pro

First of all, we are talking about a fruit rich in pectin, which is a type of fiber that improves many functions in our body. Samantha Cerquetani, explains in an article published on the website Uol, on March 20, 2020, that pears also carry important vitamins, such as C, K and group B. Thus, with this nutritional profile to envy, she delivers the following benefits:

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  • Increases immunity – Its properties favor the strengthening of the body’s defense cells, enhancing the immune system;
  • Helps in weight loss – As we mentioned earlier, the fruit has few calories. In addition, its fibers also stimulate the feeling of satiety and appetite reduction;
  • Controls glucose – Among the benefits of pear is also its low glycemic acid, which helps to decrease the absorption of sugar from food. In this way, there is glucose control;
  • Improves intestinal health – Its fibers also improve the functioning of the intestine, facilitating the formation of stools and preventing constipation;
  • Protects the heart – The potassium present in the fruit stimulates the relaxation of the arteries, which results in improved blood circulation. Likewise, it also favors the elimination of excess sodium.

In this way, including such fruit in your diet is quite a gain for your body. So, if you liked to know these advantages, you will love it even more to know that the fruit also prevents premature aging. Also add to this list that it promotes a detox effect on the body.

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What about the bark, does it bring any advantage to our body? find out now

Although many people remove the skin before consumption, know that this is a mistake (at least in the case of pears). That way, Casa & Agro tells you, not only can you eat the bark, you should. This is because this external part contains powerful elements, such as vitamin C.

In that sense, among pear benefits present in its bark we find antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. These elements help fight inflammation naturally and reduce free radical damage to the body. As a result, we have the prevention of some types of cancer. So remember: don’t throw the shell away.

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