Pope Francis reveals medical advice not to walk

Pope Francis reveals medical advice not to walk

Pope Francis during a general audience at the Vatican

VATICAN CITY, APR 30 (ANSA) – Pope Francis revealed to the faithful during an audience on Saturday (30) that he received medical advice not to take walks due to constant problems in his right knee. The special celebration was with pilgrims from Slovakia, who were received in the Sala Paolo VI.

“Later I will greet you, but I have a problem. This leg is not good, it doesn’t work and the doctor asked me not to walk.

I like to walk, but this time I have to obey the doctor. Therefore, I ask you to make the sacrifice of going up the stairs and I greet you from here, seated. It is a humiliation, but I offer it for your country”, lamented the Catholic leader.

Normally, in this type of audience, the Pontiff passes among the faithful to take his place in the room, but this time, he entered from the side and alone. As he left, he was accompanied by the director of the Prefecture of the Pontifical House, Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza.

“I wanted to stop by and greet you all, but I heartily greet you from here. I pray for you, for your families, I pray for your noble people. Forward and courage! And I ask you, please pray for me,” she added.

The Pope has been suffering from gonalgia for some time and the problem has even made him make changes to his schedule and celebrations to avoid worsening. At the Passion Mass, during Holy Week, for example, Jorge Mario Bergoglio did not follow a centuries-old tradition of the Catholic Church and did not prostrate himself on the floor to pray in front of the crucifix in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

In addition, in virtually every hearing for the past month, he has remained seated most of the time. In one of these celebrations, the Argentine said that his health was “a little capricious” and that he needed to take special care. (ANSA).

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