Protesters take to the streets of Oriximiná to demand guarantee of rights to health and education professionals | Santarém and Region

Union representatives, non-governmental entities, associations and political leaders held a demonstration in the streets of Oriximiná, west of Pará, on Friday night (29) demanding the guarantee of the rights of professionals in the health and education area. Political leaders took the opportunity to denounce to the population the attacks that were being made by the government on public services.

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The demonstration called by the movement “Liberta Oriximiná” and organizations representing workers highlighted that the situation has been neglected by the current management of the municipality. The entities allege difficulty in dialogue with the mayor.

The municipal government tried to prevent the realization of the manifesto by placing heavy machinery on public roads.

Deputy mayor Argemiro Diniz and his wife Kácia Diniz led the demonstration through the streets of Oriximiná to the front of the Justice Forum, a well-known stronghold of popular protests in the city.

The Oriximiná anthem was sung by the participants during the demonstration with the presence of the poet and author of the anthem, Marly de Oliveira Harada.

The demonstration ended without a response from the city.

Main guidelines and demands of the demonstration

  • Payment of the salary floor of higher education educators and health professionals, who work in the fight against Covid-19;
  • Structure of the work environment;
  • Salary readjustment.

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