Riot reveals Chamber changes and mute to Clutch on PBE 4.09

The 4.08 update of VALORANT was launched recently, but the Riot Games already working to bring new changes in patch 4.09. On the dedicated Reddit for the test server (PBE), Chamber will receive some tweaks and a new clutch tool is also being tested.

“Right now Chamber’s trademark trumps other sentry tools in reliability and power, which seems inadequate given the amount of defensive combat tools that scatters the rest of his kit. We believe Chamber’s identity is defined by his unique weapons and defensive combat mobility, so we want to test decreasing his global flank protection/intel level and increasing counterattack in a single premium trap. This means Chamber will have to make a choice whether he wants to play selfishly or help his teammates.“, communicated to Riot. Here are the changes being tested:

  • Trademark fees reduced by 2 >>>1
  • Trademark cost increased by 150>>>200
  • Trademark audio volume increase

The other novelty is the mute in Clutch, Riot is testing a tool that players will be able to mute all teammates in a moment of clutch, so they can focus during the moment of pressure.

  • Go to Settings (Esc) > Controls > Communication
  • Set keyboard shortcuts for Time and Team Voice Clutch mute keys
  • Press the keyboard shortcut while in-game to “ON” the Group Mute and/or Team Voice Clutch, then again to “OFF”

Other bugs regarding Chamber were also fixed, however, it is worth remembering that these changes in the agent or even the new tool, may not arrive in the next update or may be modified. They are still in the testing phase so nothing has been defined yet.

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