Russia says risk of World War III is serious and real; know where to invest your money in the face of the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war

“The danger is serious, it is real, we cannot underestimate it,” warned Sergei Lavrov, head of Moscow diplomacy, about the possibility of a Third World War. In an interview with Russian state TV on Monday (25), the minister attributed this risk to the unprecedented sanctions being imposed by the West on his country after the start of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Economic sanctions, mainly imposed by the United States, include the departure of companies from the territory or the interruption of trade. More of 250 international companies participated in these sanctions, including the giants Exxon, Apple, Ford, Disney, Meta, McDonald’s… To give you an idea, the Central Bank of Russia said that the economy could shrink to 8%.

And the trend is for the situation to get worse. In addition to the speech by the head of diplomacy, who warns of the danger of a Third World War, there was also the worrying statement by Jens Stoltenberg, chief secretary of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). He stated that the war could last up to years. After more than two months of conflict, there is nothing to indicate that there will be a ceasefire.

How the Spreading Russia-Ukraine War Affects Brazil

Russia and Ukraine are crucial to the world when it comes to commodities, due to their wealth of raw materials such as oil, natural gas, agricultural products and industrial metals. With both countries weakened, Europe and the US need to look to other commodity suppliers.

Foreign investors are giving up on Russia and billions of dollars are “fleeing” from there and looking for new land. This is one of the biggest shifts of world capital in recent decades. The good news is that most of these billions of dollars have already started to arrive in Brazil.

By March, the balance of foreign capital on the Stock Exchange had already reached BRL 71.063 billionsurpassing last year’s total (BRL 70.785 billion). Among other reasons, the uncertainties caused by the Russia-Ukraine war made foreign investors come to Brazil with a very specific interest: investing in commodities.

But of course not all B3 shares are ready to receive this money. There are only a few stocks on the Stock Exchange that are eligible to receive the mountain of dollars that is entering Brazil. A specific company is able to profit tens of billions more.

The infrastructure sector is hot. And there is a company in this sector that should profit a lot from the “gringo” capital that has been entering our country. It is one of the main stock market bets for this year, with an appreciation potential far above the most usual Brazilian investments, in addition to being an excellent dividend payer.

This is “the unanimous indication among some of the most experienced analysts in the financial market”, according to Fernando Ferrer, a senior analyst in the equity department at Empiricus (the largest independent financial analysis firm in the country). because of the action’s potential to benefit from the geopolitical changes caused by the Russia-Ukraine war.

10 reasons to invest in this infrastructure sector action

  1. it is excessively cheap. At least for now, it costs BRL 11.58 (value determined on April 29) and its Price/Earnings ratio (value found by dividing the share price by the company’s projected profit) is 2.47, a number considered low;
  2. The company has already been considered by Forbes magazine the best in the country in your branch;
  3. Brazil’s leading stock experts are nominating her;
  4. the company is market leader throughout the American continent;
  5. Your swing is round (with low indebtedness and strong cash generation);
  6. The infrastructure sector is probably the hottest in the economy worldwide;
  7. The company’s products keep giants like Petrobras, Cosan, Cyrella, Weg, JHSF, Eneva…
  8. The State also uses its products in public infrastructure (roads, railways, electrical systems, telecommunications, etc.);
  9. The company focuses on sustainability and operates with 70% of recyclable raw material in its production processes;
  10. In addition to the gigantic appreciation potential predicted for the price of this share, it will be able to pay fat dividends for its shareholders, of almost 20% per year.

How to invest in Brazilian stock that is “on point” and have a chance to profit a lot

This suggestion is not an idea that came out of nowhere. More of 30 analysts at Empiricus, the largest independent research house in the country, are constantly keeping an eye on more than 400 securities traded on our Exchange. And after extensive research, they concluded that this move from the infrastructure sector is a good choice.

There is a report that tells the name of this action and explains its full potential in detail. It was written by Fernando Ferrer, MBA in Finance from UFRJ, senior analyst and editor-in-chief of the series “As Melhores Ações da Bolsa”, published by Empiricus.

After clicking on this link and seeing what Fernando Ferrer has to say, you will be able to access to the report with the name of the infrastructure action that we present in this text. You will be able to access this document to know the share ticker without making any kind of financial commitment, you can rest assured.

In fact, you will see much more: the analyst will open the names of the 17 stocks he recommends in the “Best Stocks on the Stock Exchange” portfolio.

this all from free way. There are 7 days of “tasting”, in which it will be possible to consult the names of all actionsparticipate in doubt sessions, read complete reports, receive a First Steps Guide and access courses that will teach you how to buy and sell stocks.

After 7 days, the decision is yours: if the content is worth it, you can subscribe to the series and continue receiving the analyst’s follow-up and indications. If you prefer, you can also request the cancellation of access within 7 days.

Now the decision is yours. The billions of dollars leaving Russia are already arriving in Brazil. The Russia-Ukraine war is not expected to end, so it is expected that much more money will be “redirected” here. To see what action will benefit from this situation and how you can get into it, click below:

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