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“A Russian AN-30 propeller plane violated Swedish airspace on Friday,” the Swedish Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that its teams recorded the entire incident and took pictures.

“The plane was east of Bornholm (a Danish island in the Baltic Sea) and then headed towards Swedish territory,” the statement detailed.

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Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist denounced the Russian action.

“It is totally unacceptable for Swedish airspace to be violated. This action is unprofessional and, given the overall security situation, highly inappropriate. Swedish sovereignty must always be respected,” Hultqvist wrote on public television SVT.

Guilherme Casarões: 'The possible entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO changes the game'

Guilherme Casarões: ‘The possible entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO changes the game’

“Obviously we are going to protest through diplomatic channels,” he added.

In early March, four Russian warplanes briefly entered Swedish airspace, east of the Baltic island of Gotland.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused Sweden, a non-aligned country, to change its position regarding possible accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Currently, 54% of Swedes agree with membership, according to a Novus poll published on Saturday.

The Swedish government has set May 24 as the deadline for making a decision on its NATO candidacy.

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