SP makes a task force to fight the mosquito that transmits dengue – Notícias

The City of São Paulo has set up a task force focused on eliminating adult mosquitoes and Aedes aegypti larvae. The action, which began on Saturday (30), continues this Sunday (1st) and aims to make the population aware of the danger of dengue.

About 2,000 Uvis agents (Health Surveillance Units) will visit homes and strategic points in the capital’s neighborhoods. Biological larvicide will be used and transmission blocks will be carried out, manual elimination of breeding sites, insecticide nebulization will be carried out, also in vehicles, and the requests of residents will be met.

The work will be coordinated by the Municipal Health Department through Covisa (Health Surveillance Coordination) and the Zoonoses Surveillance Division.

According to the city’s Health Surveillance coordinator, Luiz Artur Caldeira, the municipal administration intensifies the fight against Aedes aegypti due to the seasonality of dengue, since the disease has a higher incidence in the rainy and hot season, which favors the proliferation of the vector.

According to the city hall, this year there were almost 470,000 visits to homes, 450,000 actions to block mosquito breeding sites and nebulization, in addition to 8,354 inspections at strategic points.

The population should not leave clean water standing, inside the house or in the yard, to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes.

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