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Google Play, the app store for Android phones and tablets, has gained a new feature that promises more transparency about the use of user data. This is the “Data Security” section, which provides detailed information about how apps use the information they collect from devices, with more context and transparency.

The new feature will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks to Google Play users worldwide. Application developers will have an adaptation period to provide this contextualized information until July 20th. Whoever does not include the “bulletin” of the apps on the platform, will have the app removed.

In addition to having an idea of ​​what data is collected and how it is used by the platform, the new section of Google Play will also indicate whether this data is shared with other platforms.

In addition, information about security practices and policies should also be presented, contextualizing developers’ efforts to ensure privacy for their users.

Developers will have to tell Google:

  • Is the developer collecting data? For what purpose?
  • Does the developer share this data with third parties?
  • What are the application’s security practices – such as encrypting data in transit?
  • Can the user request that the data be erased?

To view the “bullet”, just scroll on the page of the app you want to download.

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With this new section, Google is able to keep up with Apple, which launched a similar feature at the end of 2020. All applications and programs listed in app storethe store software of iPhone, iPad and Macalso have to display in detail what data is collected from users.

The main difference between the two resources, from Google and Apple, is that the latter makes a kind of “ranking” based on the level of security and privacy of each app.

The trend of exposing app transparency gives users more autonomy, and can prevent apps that exploit personal data from proliferating, bringing clarity, privacy and security to platforms.

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