What to Expect from Google I/O 2022

In just over a week, Google I/O 2022, the Mountain View Giant’s premier annual conference, will open. The event, which will begin with a grand opening ceremony with an in-person audience and live broadcast, will give space for important brand announcements, project presentations and, of course, a lot of interesting chat for developers.

As for the news for the general public, Google should show remarkable releases in software, such as Android 13, and products that will soon hit the shelves. To keep all forecasts in order, the Canaltech highlights in this article what to expect from the Search Giant for Google I/O 2022, scheduled for May 11 and 12 this year.

Android 13

As every year, Google should dedicate a moment of the presentation to talk about its plans for Android 13, the new operating system for mobile phones. Last year, his appearance was quick, however, this year more robust and incorporated with adaptations for larger screens (foldable and tablets), there will be a lot to comment on.

Android 13 is already in the testing phase (Image: Alveni Lisboa/Canaltech)

The novelties of the new system are discovered little by little, as it continues in a test period full of major updates. At the very least, the chances are high that the OS will introduce visual tweaks to the Material You standard, more privacy options, more refined notification control and important usability improvements for larger screens, inherited from Android 12L.

Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch

Since Thursday (27), it is no longer a secret that Google will increase the lineup of devices in the Pixel family: the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, revealed that new products should be announced during Google I/O.

An alleged Pixel Watch has leaked onto the web and revealed the possible design (Image: tagtech414/Reddit)

The executive, however, did not specify what is to come, leaving alive the rumors related to the next releases. The main suspicion, according to the circulation of leaks, is that the event will present the new Pixel 6a and the new Pixel Watch, the giant’s smart watch, but the details about the duo are nothing more than pure speculation.

Google I/O 2022 Programming

What is not rumor, however, is the schedule of the Google conference. On Friday (29), the company released the official schedule of the event. Unlike last year, however, the company did not set times for each occasion, but released the sequence in which the programs should take place; check out:

Google I/O Day 1 – May 11

  • Google I/O Opening Speech – 2pm
  • Developer opening speech
  • Android news
  • What’s New in the Cloud
  • What’s New in Firebase
  • What’s New in Flutter
  • AI and machine learning for developers
  • What’s New in the Web Platform
  • AR news
  • What’s New in ChromeOS
  • What’s New From Google Home
  • What’s New From Google Play

On the second day of the event (May 12), there will be various workshops focused on developers. Google must deliver interesting experiences for programmers interested in the company’s ecosystem. To check everything that will happen, just access the official website of the event.

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