Why do users shy away from the Windows 11 update?

Officially released in October of last year, Windows 11 is still struggling to become popular among PC users. At least, that’s what a report from the company ADDuplex claims.

According to the survey, Microsoft’s new operating system showed a slow growth in the number of subscriptions in April — less than 0.4% per month. In addition, Windows 11 is present on only 19.7% of the approximately 60,000 PCs surveyed by the company. For comparison, 35% of the total device base uses Windows 10 on version 21H2 and 26% on version 21H1.

Another not very encouraging fact is that there are more PCs with Windows XP — released in 2001 — than with Windows 11. According to another study — this time by Lansweeper — the sample of computers surveyed showed that the 2001 system is present in 1.71% of computers, against 1.44% in 2021.

Why is Windows 11 not doing well?

As pointed out by the website Tech Radar, the main problem is that Microsoft’s new system requires a beefier processor. This means that users need to upgrade their PC to at least an eighth-gen Intel processor or an AMD Zen+ and/or Zen 2 processor. which ends up making the processors more expensive.

The website also points out that Windows 11 has some interface issues. As an example, he cites the Start menu, which looks like “a weird mix of Windows 10 and a touch interface”.

The sharing of personal data with Microsoft has also raised the alarm about the lack of privacy in the new operating system, noting that there is no way to turn it off. This “free access” also causes the user to receive constant notifications to try Microsoft Edge if they choose to use a rival browser.

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