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Belo Horizonte, May 2, 2022, by Andréia Eliza de Souza – Do you have the habit of including eggs in your diet? Are you, like a large part of the population, still confused by so many controversial news about the consumption of this food? Keep reading because today News Cotidiano, from É Mais MT, decided to show you some of the reasons to eat eggs and demystify what has been said about food over time.

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Eggs: Beneficial or Harmful?

Science is something that changes over time. New discoveries are being made and more complete studies are being produced. With that, some truths of yesteryear can be the lies of today. Over time, several different news regarding egg consumption was delivered to the population.

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At a given moment, the consumption of eggs would bring harm and should, therefore, be avoided. In another circumstance, this food became essential in meals due to its high level of benefits. Want to understand exactly about the properties of eggs? Keep with us.

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When should you consume eggs? And what are its benefits for health and well-being?

Eggs are a complete food, as they provide good amounts of protein and fat. In addition, it is still rich in phosphorus, vitamin A, E and the B complex. Source of antioxidants, eggs are able to help fight free radicals in the body. In between reasons to consume eggs, we can highlight the aid in the formation of muscles, thanks to the high levels of protein.

Eggs can be consumed at any time of the day and in different ways. Cooked, fried, in the omelet version and in recipes such as pancakes and tapioca. With so much variety, food becomes even more useful in the diet, as it can be consumed in many ways, precisely to avoid getting sick.

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Learn to include eggs in your meal little by little: see recipe tips

The reasons to consume eggs: a great ally for your health
The reasons to consume eggs: a great ally for your health – Photo: Canva

If you are not a fan of the food, know that there are ways to obtain its benefits without having to consume them pure. When preparing recipes, their flavor will be milder when mixed with other ingredients. See some options:

  • Banana Pancake – Mash two very ripe bananas, add 2 eggs and a tablespoon of sugar. Put together 5 tablespoons of self-rising wheat flour and ½ cup of milk. Then, mix everything until smooth. Place the dough in a skillet greased with butter and allow to cook on low heat. Cover the pan and let it brown. Then just turn and brown the other side;
  • Crepioca – You must beat two eggs well and add 1 very full tablespoon of tapioca. Then add salt to taste. Mix well and put in a skillet to cook. Flip to brown on both sides. So, fill with cheese and ham (or whatever your taste buds like), closing the dough later.

Who should not eat the egg and under what conditions

According to doctors, the ideal is to consume about 2 eggs a day in the case of people without health problems. There are no restrictions on its consumption, with the exception of those who have allergies.

Eggs, when placed in an ideal food context, pose no health risks. To learn more about your specific condition, it is always best to consult a doctor and nutritionist. Now that you know the reasons to eat eggsbe sure to have this food as an ally of your health.

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