An envelope with 100 dollars and some earrings: Ex-refugee seeks woman who helped her more than 20 years ago – Mundo

Ayda Zugay, a former refugee from the former Yugoslavia, has been looking for more than two decades for a woman who helped her when she fled her country, along with her older sister.

In 1999, Ayda, then 12 years old, fled to the United States of America with her sister, five years her senior. The two young women were, at the time, approached by an older woman, who handed them a sealed envelope and asked them to open it only when they disembarked from the plane, according to the CNN International.

The two sisters were shocked to discover earrings and a $100 bill (about 94 euros) inside the envelope. There was also a note written and signed with the name Tracy.

“I am very sorry that the bombings in your country have caused problems for your family. I hope your stay in the United States is safe and happy. Welcome,” the note read.

The sisters managed to feed themselves on the money Tracy gave them throughout the summer of 1999. More than 20 years later, Ayda is trying to find the woman who helped her.

“I want to meet Tracy to thank her for her generosity, kindness and empathy,” said Ayda Zugay.

In a video shared on social media by various organizations, Ayda Zugay shares the story and asks anyone with any leads to get in touch.

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