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Immunization processes
Immunization processes against influenza and COVID in BH normally take place this week (photo: Sindbel)

Belo Horizonte expands, as of this Monday (5/2), the flu vaccination campaign and maintains the recap for those who need to receive some dose of the anti-COVID vaccine

In this new phase of vaccination against influenza, pregnant women and women who have recently died, indigenous peoples, teachers, people with comorbidities, people with permanent disabilities, security forces, rescue and armed forces, truck drivers and public transport and passenger road workers can be immunized in the capital. urban and long-distance.

The professionals summoned to receive the vaccine in this new stage must present a document that proves the function performed. Those with comorbidities and permanent disability must also submit a medical report or examination to attest to the condition. Purperas must present the birth certificate, pregnant woman’s card or document issued by the hospital where the birth took place.

In addition to this new public, the vaccine will continue to be available for the elderly aged 60 years and over, health workers and children from 6 months to 5 years old.

Influenza vaccination in the capital takes place at health units, extra posts and drive-thru points, in addition to drugstores Arajo and Droga Clara for the elderly. The flu vaccination campaign in Belo Horizonte will end on June 3rd.

anti-COVID vaccine

In parallel with the flu immunization, the recap is also maintained for those who still need to be vaccinated against COVID. The vaccine is available from Monday to Friday. The recap takes place for priority groups and age groups already invited, including children, whether for the application of the first dose, second dose, booster and additional, or fourth dose.

The locations, criteria and documents necessary for the vaccination of each public can be consulted on the Belo Horizonte City Hall website. For each public, there is specific information about vaccination days, times and locations in the city.

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