Danger! Too little sleep can cause serious problems

Sleeping badly has a number of damages for the human body, as sleep is an important tool for health. However, a recent study revealed something shocking about sleepless nights at home. According to the researchers, getting too little sleep increases the level of abdominal fat. Thus, the person can become susceptible to some problems, such as cardiovascular diseases.

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The study was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. He evaluated the prognosis of 12 volunteers over 21 days. They were divided into two groups, in one of which the percipients slept 9 hours a night, while the others only slept 4 hours.

Study reveals that little sleep increases belly fat

According to the scientists, the group that slept little gained more abdominal fat. Overall, in just 21 days, the increase in visceral fat mass was between 9% and 11%. More than that, all the volunteers who slept less ended up eating 300 more calories every day. They also ate 13% more protein and 17% more fat.

Thus, it is evident that sleeping little can be harmful to health. Keep in mind that these effects were only noticed by just 21 days of research, meaning they could get even worse over months or years.

Habits that will help you sleep better

1 – Avoid eating too much before bed. Do not eat large meals until 2 hours before going to bed;

2 – Do not drink too much liquid to avoid sleep interruptions during the night;

3 – Sleep in a dark and quiet environment, free from noises and sounds that may disturb you;

4 – Leave the bed clean and tidy before going to bed. This helps you sleep with more comfort and tranquility, as it increases the feeling of well-being;

5 – Turn off your cell phone, TV or any other electronic equipment at least 30 minutes before bed;

6 – Try to sleep for 7 to 9 hours every day. This is the sleep time recommended by subject matter experts;

7 – Stipulate a time to sleep and another to wake up daily. Follow the routine even on weekends and holidays. This helps regulate metabolism and heart rate;

8 – Avoid alcoholic beverages and stimulants at night;

9 – Look for breathing and relaxation techniques to control anxiety, if that is your problem.

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