Discover all the benefits of pitanga for your health

Salvador, May 1, 2022, by Samuel Ramires — The pitanga is a small fruit that proves that size does not matter. Thus, the remarkable little bright red often goes unnoticed when it comes to health. Therefore, today, we decided to bring the main benefits of pitanga for a better quality of life and well-being.

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Furthermore, it is worth noting that the benefits of pitanga go beyond bodily health. See also how the fruit contributes to aesthetics and beauty, strengthening self-care and self-esteem.

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Discover all the benefits of pitanga for your health (image: pexels)
Discover all the benefits of pitanga for your health (image: pexels)

Discover the 5 benefits of pitanga

the pitanga has a good amount of water. In addition, it has a low caloric value in addition to being easily adaptable to tropical soils. However, despite a series of benefits in the pulp, pitanga is not restricted to this. In addition, cherry leaves can also bring surprising benefits. See below all the health benefits of this fruit:

1. lose weight

The pitanga is a fruit with very low calories. Also, because it has a lot of water, it causes a lot of satiety. Thus, she is an excellent balcony for those who want to lose weight without going hungry.

2. Antioxidant

According to an article published by G1 on December 22, 2014, pitanga is one of several antioxidant-rich fruits. When orange, rich in beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A). When red, rich in lycopene, and when purple, rich in anthocyanins and flavonols.

3.Benefits of pitanga leaf

Surinam cherry leaf tea is excellent for treating diseases such as non-infectious diarrhea. So, just take a 30 ml cup with each bowel movement, ten times a day.

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4.The juice of health

Pitanga juice is excellent for oral health. It can treat gum disease, teeth, bacterial inflammation among other periodontal problems.

5.The fruit of beauty

The high concentration of vitamin A in pitanga makes it the darling of beauty and health professionals. It is not difficult to find the fruit stamping packages of moisturizers and creams in general. Thus, this is due to the high concentration of Vitamin A, which is anti-irritant, anti-acneic and antioxidant, invigorating the skin of those who use it.

abuse creativity

To take advantage of all benefits of pitanga, abuse creativity. Therefore, we, at Casa & Agro, recommend that you try recipes such as suchas, Swiss lemonades with a touch of fruit, or even desserts with pulp jellies. This little fruit, which is only small in size, will bring more health, quality of life and color to all your days. Enjoy.

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