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Does bad mood get old? There is a saying that the face is the mirror of the soul. And we can’t deny that this hits the nail on the head. When we have a problem, when we are in a bad mood, when we are stressed… our skin can suffer.

“It has been shown that any problem or stressful situation conditions the protein composition of the skin, affecting its elasticity and luminosity. In addition, a lot of research is currently being done on the facial microbiota (the bacteria that appear on our skin) and it has been seen that it changes in stressful situations, causing inflammation and even skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis , rosacea or acne,” explains Dr. Rocio Mourelle from the Trevi Clinic.

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And is that our organs, including the skin, obey physiological processes that vary as we move from one state of mind to another. For example, a bad mood, in addition to altering the body, draws countless lines of expression on the face.

gestures and skin

This is why when we are exposed to moments of anger or irritability we must take into account the different damages this causes to the skin:

  • lines of expression and wrinkles due to the gestures performed.
  • THE redness face when the circulatory system is activated and starts working much faster.
  • Finally, the dermatitis which responds to inflammation and dryness of the dermis.

Does a person who gestures more tend to have more wrinkles? “Often it influences not only how much we gesture, but also our genetic predisposition and the lifestyle we lead. Of course, gesturing a lot will make wrinkles appear more, but it’s not the only factor that causes them”, explains the specialist.

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the frown

A frown is one of the most characteristic wrinkles that appear when you force a gesture. “The wrinkles that appear on the glabella, which is what we call frowning, are a consequence of force the gesture when we get angry but also appear, for example, when the sun bothers us and we don’t wear sunglasses. It is one of the main reasons for consultation in aesthetic medicine and it is important to prevent them before they become static”, explains the specialist.

Other emotions that affect the skin

In addition to a bad mood, there are other emotions experienced throughout life that can also affect the skin:

  • Stress. When we are stressed, the skin becomes dull due to lack of relaxation, while acne appears due to the high production of cortisone. But it is that, in addition, stress can also cause wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Fear . If you face a situation that causes you fear, it can happen that your eyes open much more than usual and your eyebrows also rise, causing wrinkles on your forehead.
  • Depression. The most visible consequences of the face when suffering from depression are puffy eyes and the appearance of dark circles. It is also worth mentioning the interruption in the cellular regeneration process, which accelerates the appearance of expression lines, while dulling the skin’s luminosity.
  • sadness . Keep in mind that people who are sad usually don’t want to go out, so they will lack vitamin D, which can make their face look paler. Also, when you are sad, you often cry, a gesture that is not good for the face: tears dehydrate the skin and can cause bags and crow’s feet to appear around the eyes.

Stress, enemy of your skin

We wonder if stress is one of our skin’s greatest enemies today. “Today with the lifestyle we lead, stress is an important factor in skin aging, as well as tobacco, sun exposure and diet . That’s why it’s important to control all these factors to have beautiful and healthy skin”, highlights the expert, who adds that, for this reason, experts recommend relaxing and, above all, smiling, although not too much or laughing, because grimacing can also cause very marked expression lines, mainly around the mouth and in the nasolabial fold.

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