Health plan for local servers will have no readjustment, says GDF

Contrary to individual health plans, the agreement of public servants in the Federal District, known as GDF Saúde, will not have an adjustment in 2022.

The information was released by the president of the Institute of Health Care for Servers of the DF (Inas-DF), Ney Ferraz Júnior. “Inflation has melted purchasing power, and health plans will rise at an alarming rate. And we are not going to make any kind of readjustment. There will be no readjustment”, assures the representative of the entity.

According to Ferraz, all steps of the health plan, including the decision not to apply a readjustment this year, follow the determinations of Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB). The initiative aims to prioritize the well-being of district civil servants.

In order to maintain GDF Saúde, Inas receives, per month, 1.5% of the total payroll of the GDF, with an amount exceeding R$ 1 billion. This represents approximately R$ 21 million per month.

The GDF Health will not need to readjust, because the actuarial calculations guarantee the financial health of the plan. “We have resources to guarantee payments for 18 months, even if we don’t receive even R$1”, he says.

On the other hand, according to projections from the National Federation of Supplementary Health (FenaSaúde), individual plans may have a record recovery, with readjustments of up to 15.7%.


“It’s a fantastic plan, where servers pay little and have access to an exceptional service network, out of the box. The care with the server is a flag of Governor Ibaneis”, reinforces Ferraz.

Approximately 80 thousand people, including servants and dependents, are covered by the GDF Saúde. Of this total, 16 thousand beneficiaries are from the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF). The category gained access to the plan recently, in April 2022.

“The plan is 18 months old. It’s like a rough stone, a rough diamond: it needs to be constantly polished. It is necessary to analyze what should be done”, he comments.

dependent companies

By the end of 2022, Inas expects to reach 100 thousand lives of coverage, in the total of servants and dependents. The plan began to make agreements for the adhesion of companies dependent on the GDF.

For example, the president of Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital (Novacap), Fernando Leite, plans to sign the agreement so that employees of the dependent public company can also join the plan.

In the case of independent companies, such as Companhia de Saneamento Ambiental do DF (Caesb) and Banco de Brasília (BRB), it will be necessary to approve a bill in the Legislative Chamber of the DF (CLDF).


The draft project is in the drafting phase. The text will undergo evaluation at the Secretariat of Economy and at Palácio do Buriti.

“We decided to expand, because the health plan belongs to the GDF servers. And, in our interpretation, the employees of the companies are from the GDF. They are also entitled if they are interested. It will not be compulsory”, justifies the president of Inas-DF.

Popular plan in June

At GDF Saúde, the holder pays, monthly, the amount equivalent to 4% of the salary. For each dependent, 1% is charged. The floor is R$ 400; the ceiling was set at R$ 1 thousand, in addition to any co-participations.

Approximately 48 thousand civil servants receive monthly remuneration of up to five minimum wages. Of this total, only 3,000 employees managed to adhere to the plan. To serve the rest of the workers in the category, the government will launch the district plan, with lower values.

The product would be inaugurated in April, but, due to the payment of the third installment of the adjustment promised by former governor Agnelo (PT), the launch was rescheduled for June.

“These are people who receive from R$1,000 to R$6,000. Our intention is to lower the floor to R$ 200”, explains Ferraz. That is, it will be half of the current floor.

To maintain the financial health of GDF Saúde, the plan will not have a national reach. The service will be restricted to the DF. There will be no right to single rooms, but access to the hospital ward.

“The impact of the health plan ends up being a salary increase, because many servers leave more expensive plans. It will also provide access for a number of people”, he celebrates.

GDF National Health

GDF Saúde also plans to launch, in June, the national coverage plan. All servers of the conventional version of the service will have automatic access, without the need for extra payment.

“We have all the prudence in the world in terms of legislation and accrediting service companies that have a national network. We are already analyzing the proposals until mid-May”, says Ferraz.

The health plan will offer emergency care throughout Brazil. The GDF Health will be called the National Health GDF.

Servers will be able to query all plan information through the app. The tool offers the service network, monthly statements and justifications for charging.

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