How the legend of Ukrainian pilot ‘Ghost of Kiev’ was born

Ukrainian MiG-29 aircraft, in a 2016 file photo

Credit, Reuters

photo caption,

Ukrainian MiG-29s are not as advanced as part of Russian planes

Ukraine’s fighter pilots are far outnumbered by Russians, and they’ve become legendary — thanks in part to the story of an alleged aviation ace dubbed the “Ghost of Kiev.”

Information began to circulate that this heroic figure had shot down about 40 enemy aircraft. That would be an impressive feat given that the arena in which the Russians rule the skies.

But now the Ukrainian Air Force Command announced on Facebook that the “Ghost of Kiev is a legendary superhero that was created by the Ukrainians!”. He added by asking “the Ukrainian community not to neglect the basic rules of ‘information hygiene'” and “check sources of information before spreading information”.

Reports and reports earlier pointed out that the aviation ace would be 29-year-old Major Stepan Tarabalka. Ukrainian authorities confirmed that he died in action on March 13 and was posthumously honored with the Hero of Ukraine medal.

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