How to make zamioculca beautiful? See below and attract prosperity

Salvador, April 30, 2022, by Raily Fortunato. When we think of a wooded and decorated environment, the first plant that many choose is the zamioculcas. With bright green leaves and long branches, they are the most recommended species for indoor cultivation. Therefore, in this matter we will teach you how to make zamioculca beautiful with the best tips.

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scientific name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, as zamioculcas native to Africa is considered a plant of prosperity for many who believe. No matter how much doubt arises, how to make zamioculca beautiful it is simple, although care is required. So, follow our article and be surprised by the step by step, check it out below:

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How to make zamioculca beautiful (Canva Pro reproduction)
How to make zamioculca beautiful (Canva Pro reproduction)

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How to plant zamiokulkas

Many already buy adult and ready-to-decoration zamiokulkas, others are more adept at starting care from scratch. Thus, according to Érica Okazaki, in partnership with the website Terra, on May 25, 2018, a filtering blanket is needed at the bottom of the vessel. Soon after, also add ¼ of expanded clay to drain the water, preventing the accumulation of water in the vase.

In addition, for the soil it is important to have defined proportions, so use 1 liter of topsoil for every 1 liter of common earth. Finally, also add ½ liter of earthworm humus and ½ liter of sand. Then, just mix, adding a part of the preparation to the vase, place your zamioculca filling with the rest of the earth.

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Caring for the zamioculcas

With your zamioculca ready, now only important care remains to keep the leaf green and shiny as many wish. Although they are resistant species, to preserve them and make them beautiful, it is useful to pay attention to some points of care, see:


It is well known that zamiokulkas can live indoors with poor lighting, which is why they are also chosen to decorate spaces. Despite this, new shoots will only be produced with sufficient lighting, when necessary, prefer mild morning light. An interesting fact is that they also carry out photosynthesis with artificial light, despite this, bet the sun’s rays.

Watering amount

Your watering will depend on the amount of sunlight this plant receives, so make sure the plant’s pot is more or less exposed to light. Also, in general, water your zamioculca 3 times a week during the summer and only 2 times in the winter. On the other hand, be careful with excesses, the leaves can turn yellow with too much water and end up with their shiny appearance.

soil and fertilization

And it doesn’t stop there, in order to keep your zamioculca beautiful, perhaps one of the most important steps is soil preparation. So, as mentioned before, bet on a soil rich in organic matter, and a well-drained soil. To enhance the growth of zamioculca, bet on fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, essential elements for any plant.

beware of pests

Last but not least, pests can get in the way of the process of growing beautiful, green zamiokulkas. Fungi or mealybugs can be the cause of the whitish spots on your plant’s leaves. So beware of high humidity and absence of light, this condition creates the perfect environment for fungi. Therefore, keep the plant in airy environments, maintain a care routine and apply fungicides if necessary.

Keep the zamioculca beautiful and attract energies

Is your energy low? Zamiokulkas can be the perfect solution to purify your vibration and the environment. for the practice of Feng Shui, this species can be a symbol of prosperity, fortune and improves the energy of beings who are in the presence of this plant.

Therefore, we at Agro Notícias hope to have helped you in how to make zamioculca beautiful and shiny. That after reading our article, learn to take care of your plant in the best way, ensuring good vibes for your home.

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