Hungry crocodile jumps on boat and tries to attack pair of fishermen – News

A pair of fishermen recalled how wild Australia’s predators can be. A hungry, agile crocodile jumped out of the water and tried to climb into their boat to “say hello.”

Kathryn Dyball and Cameron Bates were fishing in the Northwest Kimberley when they spotted the beast.

The animal seemed calm in the water, until it began to swim quickly and stood beside the boat. After a few seconds of reflection, the crocodile decides to attack and tries to climb on the boat, probably to attack the camera that was filming it.

The couple speculates that the attack may have just been the frustration of the crocodile, who tried unsuccessfully to bite their fishing line.

Despite the humorous tone of the TIkTok video, with a cute soundtrack (oh noby rapper Kreepa, if you’re curious), Kathryn told ABC News that the moment was one of “absolute shock”.

To make it even scarier, the animal was a saltwater crocodile, the largest and fiercest reptile in nature, as well as extremely strong and violent.

An adult male can exceed 6 m and weigh over a ton. It is considered very dangerous for humans and capable of eating even sharks.

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