Ibaneis guarantees GDF health plan for Novacap employees

Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) participated, on the morning of this Monday (5/2), in a ceremony to commemorate Labor Day at the headquarters of Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil (Novacap).

On the occasion, the head of Palácio do Buriti had breakfast with the company’s employees, accompanied by secretaries of the Government of the Federal District (GDF) and by the CEO of Novacap, Fernando Leite.

In a speech, the governor announced that Novacap’s servers will soon be able to join the GDF Health Plan.

“Our president of Iprev and Inas, Ney Ferraz, is here and is taking care of the health plan for Novacap’s employees. Soon, everything will be signed with the company”, said the emedebista.

“I want to thank you for the beautiful work you do in our capital. The city is getting more beautiful every day”, thanked the local chief executive to the servers.

The CEO of Nocacap also congratulated the employees.

“We have in this government the mission of rebuilding Brasilia. We are here to do everything we can to fulfill the mission the governor has given us. We are working to build the city that was born to be the most beautiful and the most modern in Brazil”, said Fernando Leite.

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