Personal trainer’s wife had two outbreaks after affair with ‘beggar’ and was tied up in hospital

Businesswoman Sandra Mara Fernandes, wife of the personal trainer who attacked the former homeless man Givaldo Alves, gave more details about the day she had sex with the man. In psychotic breakshe spent a month in a psychiatric clinic in Brasília, where she went after more two outbreaks.

In an interview for Folha de S. Paulo, the entrepreneur said that she avoids going out on the street, afraid of the repercussion of the case. In March, a video of physical educator Eduardo Alves assaulting Givaldo after meeting him with Sandra went viral.

“I started having anxiety attacks and they had to reinforce medication. I started sleeping more than staying awake. As a woman, I started to feel disgusted with myself. I had a crisis in which I stabbed myself 28 times with a pen, for not accepting that . I didn’t want to accept that it had really happened”, comments Sandra Mara.


Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression, Sandra is still in treatment, with medication. She was released from the clinic last week.

“It’s a serious illness, isn’t it? For me, it’s all very new. Today I know that everything I went through was due to a disease I already had. Looking back, I’m aware that episodes I had were part of the disease that I already had it and didn’t know it”, he says.

Sandra is away from family members and also from her mother-in-law, whom she has not seen since the day of the occurrence. They were together before she went to meet the “beggar”, who she believed to be an “envoy of God”.

She explained that on the day she thought the sexual act would consummate a “family dream” for the couple to win the Mega-Sena.

“I’m away from church because my family members believe that my outbreak has to do with religion. For now, I’m reading the Bible and I have my faith even more, but I still don’t feel ready to go back to church, neither Catholic nor Evangelical” , it says.

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