Total lunar eclipse 2022 happens in May and can be seen from all over Brazil; see dates – Science

The first total lunar eclipse 2022 will begin at 10:32 pm on May 15th, peak at 1:11 am on May 16th, and end at 3:51 am.

In this astronomical event, the moon will become darker with a blood red hue. The coloring is caused by an optical effect called Rayleigh scattering, when sunlight is refracted and scattered in Earth’s atmosphere.

The phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye in Brazil, including Ceará. In all, according to the Time and Date website, North and South America will follow the eclipse, as well as parts of Europe and Africa.

Tips for enjoying the total lunar eclipse

  • The naked eye will do the job, but if you have binoculars, use them, especially for color nuances;

  • Don’t just go out once to have a look. Monitor everything. Celestial mechanics and weather make it a dynamic event. Every lunar eclipse is different, and the surprises and delights are in the details;
  • Look at a diagram of the Moon’s passage through the Earth’s shadow and try to guess what the Moon will look like at maximum eclipse.

Calendar of the main astronomical events of the month of May 2022

05/06: Maximum activity of the eta-Aquarids meteor shower

05/08: Moon in Crescent Quarter

05/10: Peak activity of the eta-Lyrid meteor shower

05/16: Full moon; total lunar eclipse

05/22: Conjunction between Saturn and Moon; Moon in Waning Quarter

05/24: Conjunction between Mars and Moon and between Jupiter and Moon

05/27: Conjunction between Venus and Moon

05/29: Conjunction between Mars and Jupiter and between Mercury and Moon

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