Warner Bros. Games could be Sony’s new acquisition target [RUMOR]

EA, Take-Two, Microsoft, Tencent, NetEase and PUBG Corp are also interested in the deal

While the merger process that resulted in the creation of Warner Bros. Discovery resulted in the maintenance of the company’s game development studios, that may soon change. According to journalist Imran Khan, editor of Fan Byte, the conglomerate remains interested in getting rid of its internal studios and is willing to study proposals from third parties.

On Twitter, Khan says that Sony is among the biggest stakeholders in the acquisition of Warner Bros. games, but it is not alone in its intentions. According to him, names like Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Microsoft, Tencent, NetEase and PUBG Corp are also interested. to expand their portfolios.

The intention of Warner Bros. Discovery would sell its development studios, while at the same time work with the licensing of your intellectual properties. This means that studios linked to the company, such as Rocksteady Gamescould continue to have access to characters such as Batman and Super man — but under a different type of trade agreement.

Rumors about possible sale are old

This isn’t the first time the gaming world has heard rumors about a possible sale of studios owned by Warner Bros. Games. Before the premiere of Warner Bros. Discovery, a report stated that AT&T (then owner of the developers) would be interested in selling them for figures close to US$ 4 billion for the likes of Activision, Take-Two and Electronic Arts.

The deal would involve the main development studios of WB Games: monolith, WB Games Boston, Avalanche Software, WB Games Montreal, WB Games San Francisco and the Rocksteady Studios. In August 2020 AT&T announced that it had dropped the idea of ​​sellingalthough it was working at the time on an internal restructuring of its activities.

Now that the merger between the companies has been finalized, looks like Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to go back on the decision and is at least starting to prospect the market in search of opportunities trading. Recently, the company stated that it would like to increase the number of licensed DC games, taking better advantage of the success they have in media such as cinema and comics.


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