4-year-old boy ‘steals’ his mother’s car for a drive in the Netherlands

A 4-year-old boy took his mother’s car for a drive in Holland and crashed the vehicle into two other parked cars.

The incident took place on Saturday (30/4), in the city of Utrecht, in the center of the country. Authorities said the boy left the scene of the accident in his pajamas and bare feet. Nobody was hurt.

Police were called after residents saw the boy walking alone on the street in the cold.

Good-naturedly, police said on Instagram that they had discovered a “new Max Verstappen”, in reference to the reigning Formula 1 world champion, who is Dutch.

According to authorities, the child woke up on Saturday and took his mother’s car keys “for a ride.”

Shortly after police received the call informing them of the boy alone on the street, authorities were informed of an abandoned vehicle nearby, which appeared to have hit two parked cars.

The car was registered to the boy’s mother. When the cops called her, they put the boy on the line. According to the police, during the phone call, he imitated the direction and made gestures to turn the steering wheel.

“That’s when we realized the child was probably the driver,” reads the Instagram post.

The four-year-old boy was given hot chocolate at the police station and a teddy bear, before being picked up by his mother.

Together they all went to the crash site, where the boy was asked if he could show him how the car worked.

The child unlocked the car with the key, put it in the ignition and moved his foot to the clutch and accelerator pedals, police said.

Police officers asked parents to hide their car keys in the future.

“Fortunately, this mini-driver’s adventure came to an end without much fuss,” police added.

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