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Dutch boy took a car hidden from his parents and ended up crashing into two other vehicles.

Dutch boy took a car hidden from his parents and ended up crashing into two other vehicles. Photo: Instagram/@politie_utrechtnoord

Last Saturday, the 30th, a four year old boy was seen walking down the street barefoot and in pajamas in the city of Utrecht, In Holland. A passerby immediately called the police.

The boy was taken care of by an ambulance to make sure he was not injured and even got a teddy bear to make him more comfortable. Soon, the cops took him to the police station to find out who his parents are.

A short time later, agents received an alert that an accident had occurred in which a car collided with two other vehicles that were parked.

To their surprise, the owner of the vehicle was the child’s mother. The woman talked to the boy on the phone and the police noticed that he made a gesture with his hands as if he was driving and this led to the suspicion that he might have taken the car.

When the child’s parents arrived at the police station, they went to the car and asked the boy to show them how it worked. He picked up the key, started the vehicle, put his left foot on the clutch and put the other foot on the accelerator.

And the mystery was solved. “When the child’s father went to work, she woke up and took the car keys to go for a ride. The two parked cars were hit. The child then got out and ran away in her pajamas”, detailed the police.

The case was shared on the corporation’s Instagram and the boy was nicknamed “the new Max Verstappen”, in reference to the Dutch driver.

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