App takes picture of eyes and lets you track Alzheimer’s and ADHD

Identifying neurological diseases and disorders early can be fundamental for a more effective treatment and a better quality of life for patients. Because of this, an application promises to help track diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through a photograph of the eye.

The University of California, San Diego project uses a camera with an infrared sensor, present in most modern cell phones, along with the conventional selfie camera to analyze the patient’s pupil. Such screening can help determine a patient’s cognitive conditions.


A diagram of the flow from data acquisition to the final data.  A user self administers the pupil response test, then the data are collected off-device to compute the distance and pupil diameter.  The final result is shown on the far right.  Credit: Digital Health Lab
Image: Disclosure

App can track Alzheimer’s

According to the researchers in a statement released on the 29th, pupil size changes when performing certain activities and some changes can be observed in patients with ADHD and Alzheimer’s. “We hope this opens the door to further explorations of using smartphones to detect and monitor potential health problems earlier,” said Colin Barry. head of the study, in a statement.

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Another important point is to facilitate the use of this tool, since a large part of the public with symptoms of some of these diseases is elderly and may not be adapted to the use of smartphones. “For us, one of the most important factors in technology development is ensuring that these solutions are useful to anyone. This includes individuals such as older adults who may not be used to using smartphones.”

This is expected to increase the number of people diagnosing these conditions at the onset of symptoms, making treatment easier. “(It will) aid in the detection and understanding of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This can have a huge impact on public health”, concludes Eric Granholm, a professor at the institution.

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