Bucha massacre suspect denies involvement in barbarism

Sergey Kolotsey, identified by Ukrainian authorities as one of the possible perpetrators of war crimes in Bucha, denied this Monday (2) his involvement in the massacres in the city located near Kiev and assured that he does not serve in the Russian army.

“I don’t serve in the Russian National Guard, are you crazy?” the man said, in a statement to the Telegram channel Mozhem obiasnit, created by the Open Media investigation project, which was blocked in Russia last year.

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, Kolotsey is a commander of the Russian National Guard, who allegedly killed four unarmed men and tortured another civilian.

Kiev explained that the suspect had been captured by security cameras sending looted goods to the western Russian city of Ulyanovsk.

At Images recorded after the departure of the Russian Army from Bucha reverberated around the world, showing the bodies of dozens of civilians, many of them handcuffed, who had been abandoned in the streets for days.

Kolotsey told Russian journalists that he lives in Belarus, does not have Russian citizenship and has not set foot in Ukraine in a long time.

The Belarusian confirms that he was indeed in the office of a shipping company where security cameras recorded him, but insists he has no relationship with the military who were also there.

“It’s a post office where anyone can send a package to whoever they want or wherever they want”, he defended himself.

After the release of the name of the first suspect in the massacres in Bucha, the independent Belarusian media Zerkalo, which emerged after the shutdown of the portal Tut.by, spoke to many of Kolotsey’s friends and relatives.

Zerkalo claims that the man in the Ukrainian images is in fact Kolotsey, a native of the Belarusian town of Mazyr, which is an hour from the Ukrainian border. He is 35 years old and has lived all his life in that city, where he works as an engineer in a factory.

Kolotsey was in his hometown during the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, according to witnesses, who told reporters they constantly saw him on his way to work or walking with a child.

According to people close to the Belarusian, he has never served in the army, neither in Russia nor in Belarus, and has no relationship with the security agencies of these two countries.

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