Consumer will be able to use WhatsApp to cancel health and TV plans | Economy

Consumer will be able to use WhatsApp to cancel health and TV plans
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Consumer will be able to use WhatsApp to cancel health and TV plans

A new decree published by the federal government establishes that as of October this year, companies that offer services regulated by the government will have at their disposal the option of canceling services on the same channels in which the agreement took place. In practice, the customer who has contracted a service, such as banks, airlines, telephone and TV companies, health plan operators and even energy and water distributors, via WhatsApp, can also use the same platform to cancel, for example.

Among the innovations brought by the decree, which changes the rules of the Customer Service (SAC), the incentive to use different customer service channels, especially the internet, stands out.

Before, customer service was provided exclusively by telephone. The new decree determines that the handling of the demand must be answered within seven calendar days, counting from the date of registration made by the customer, and the consumer must be informed about the conclusion of the treatment of his demand.

The response to the consumer, according to the proposal, must be clear, objective, conclusive and must address all the points demanded. Access to services must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Telephone service continues as a mandatory route, operating for at least eight hours a day, preserving the certainty of contact between the consumer and a human attendant.

The decree also reinforces the need for wide dissemination of options for consumers to have access to SAC. The consumer’s right is also enshrined in the various integrated service channels to monitor all of their demands, by means of numerical registration or other types of electronic procedures.

Regarding service cancellation requests made by the consumer, the new text lists the guidelines to be observed by service providers, highlighting the need to guarantee that cancellation requests were processed by all available means, observing the applicable conditions. of termination of the contract and the fines arising from contractual clauses.

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