Family member reports alleged disorders involving transportation of oncology patients undergoing Out-of-Home Treatment (PDT) – Clube Noticia

Maria de Fátima, aunt of an Out of Home Treatment (PDT) patient, sought the journalism of Rádio Clube98, reporting situations of neglect involving patients who need to go to the city of Uberaba for cancer treatment.

The aunt of the patient Welen Tércia, claimed that her niece and four other patients would have been forgotten in Uberaba last Friday (29/4), according to Maria de Fátima it is not the first time that this type of situation has happened.

“Patients stay for three days taking the chemo, so we usually go on a Wednesday with the scheduled transport to Patos de Minas. We usually leave at one o’clock in the morning, we stay on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the transport from here in Patos is already scheduled for us to return, but this is not happening, we are falling behind, we have been informed three times already, we are getting traumatized with that transport. This time, in addition to us, there were four more patients who were left behind,” said Welen’s aunt Tercia.

As reported, the situation was only resolved after the intervention of the person responsible for the support house in Uberaba.

The patient’s indignation has already been recorded on other occasions through videos published on her social networks and in Whatsapp groups.

The journalism of Rádio Clube98, contacted the city hall of Patos de Minas, requesting a position in relation to the report of the patient’s family. In a note, the city government denied that the patient suffered lack of assistance and said that last Friday (29) there was a mishap in the transport sector and that once identified, a driver would have been sent to pick her up.

Check out the full note:

Patient Welen Tércia was never unattended by SMS. On Friday, there was a setback in the transport sector and, as soon as it was identified, the Health Department sent a driver to pick her up.

We also emphasize that, when a patient is discharged, the hospital contacts our sector, which then arranges the trip. Bearing in mind that a driver, car and travel time are required, patient transport does not occur at the same time as discharge, requiring user understanding.

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