Flight to Las Vegas is canceled and couple celebrates marriage in flight; Look

An unusual event marked a flight to Las Vegas (USA): a couple decided to make their marriage official on the plane. Southwest Airlines shared the wedding on Facebook on April 28, in a post that has garnered 356,000 likes, 80,000 shares and 27,000 comments.

The wedding between Pam and Jeremy took place after their flight to Las Vegas, where the wedding was to be held, was canceled by another airline, causing the couple to hastily purchase a Southwest Airlines ticket.

Luckily for the pair, a man named Chris overheard the conversation about how they could get there in time for the appointment. He is an ordained minister, a status given by the church to someone who can exercise the roles of a religious leader. With that, the group quickly managed to catch another flight to the state.

Upon boarding, Captain Gil noticed the couple’s full wedding attire and he agreed with Pam’s idea of ​​the wedding taking place on board.

The ceremony featured toilet paper tapes and snacks for the crew.

Julie, one of the airline’s flight attendants, was Pam’s maid of honor. A professional photographer on the flight took the official wedding photos. A passenger passed an old notebook to the entire cabin to sign their best wishes, later given to the newlyweds as a guest book.

The company thanked the couple for the unusual flight: “Congratulations to the newlyweds for a memorable onboard wedding that neither our employees nor our passengers will forget! We can’t wait to welcome you back aboard the airline of love.”

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