Google launches 3 new courses with professional certificates

Google is opening the week marked by Labor Day by launching, this Monday (2), three new professional courses, certified by the technology company Coursera. The three training options, which will join the well-known IT Support, do not require any specific knowledge in the area and are aimed at those who want to enter the job market, change their professional area or grow in their careers.

All courses will be conducted completely online, with flexible schedules and duration according to the student’s availability, reaching 200 hours or more. The monthly investment for each course is US$ 14 (equivalent to R$ 70 in today’s quote), as per Coursera’s pricing policy. Those who prefer can choose to pay for three months, with a 33% discount (US$ 28/R$ 141), or six months with a 50% discount (US$ 42/R$ 211).

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What are Google Certified Courses?

Offered in Portuguese since 2019, the course IT support enables its participants to provide support in the technology area remotely or in person. Delivered through video lectures, quizzes, labs and hands-on widgets, the program features practical solutions to problems and customer service, networking, operating systems, systems administration, and security.

Of the three new courses, the Data analysis it enables its participants to collect and manage information to feed analysis and support decision making. Fundamental within an increasingly competitive market, these professional skills are increasingly demanded in the private market and in public agencies.

The training in Project management prepares its participants to define plans, manage people and implement changes taking into account the existing risks during the delivery of products, services and other results. Those who subscribe to UX Designwill study user interaction on websites, applications and physical objects, seeking to generate positive perceptions.

Courses are available on the Grow with Google platform.

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