Number of cases of covid-19 should increase in MG with the drop in temperatures, says Health Secretary – Rádio Itatiaia

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Fábio Baccheretti gave an exclusive interview to Itatiaia this Monday (2)

For each application of 100 RT-PCR tests, in Minas Gerais, only four results are positive. The information comes from the Secretary of State for Health, Fábio Baccheretti, who gave an exclusive interview, this Monday (2), to Itatiaia Radio. According to the head of the folder, the risk of contamination of the disease is much lower than previously recorded by the state. “We are having a smaller and smaller queue, a smaller and smaller number of patients. We have 100 patients hospitalized with suspected covid in the state for more than 2,700 beds. It’s too little,” he said.

Despite this, with the drop in temperatures, common in autumn and winter, the number of cases of the disease is expected to increase. “We are observing and there is no factor that concerns us in the next few days. What will happen? We can’t be too worried, but there should be an increase in cases over the next few months, as it’s an autumn month for winter, this with the flu will also happen. Those cold fronts will come. But the important thing is that the number of cases like we had in January and February with Ômicron, the number of deaths like last year, we reached more than 500 deaths a day, that probably won’t happen”, he highlighted.

The secretary also added: “We can go back to normality. This step is important. I will say that we are very conservative, but we are consistent, we have been observing each scenario. And we are always looking outside the country, and usually the new strains, flu or covid, come outside the country”.

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health emergency

According to Baccheretti, Minas still has no forecast for the end of the state of health emergency caused by Covid-19. “In view of this, the pandemic classified by the World Health Organization (WHO), we do not reclassify the pandemic in Minas, but we are at levels that we expect to be as if it were an endemic disease. Every autumn, winter, there is an increase in cases, and, throughout the year, we have a drop in cases. It’s a natural thing to happen. The health emergency continues in the state of Minas in the month of May. There is no risk, no rush for us to take it out. But this should also happen soon, when we get out of the emergency, which will not affect our fight against the pandemic in any way,” he said.

During the interview, the secretary also explained that the Hospital Júlia Kubitschek returns to hospitalize patients in the emergency wards of the UPAS, and in July, new doctors should be hired. “In all, there are around R$50 million in investments,” he said. The forecast is that the operating room will be ready in three months, as well as seven rooms and the renovation of all the wards.

flu and measles

In addition, the secretary made a warning about the number of vaccinated against the flu. According to Baccheretti, only one in four elderly people over 60 years old have been immunized against the disease.

Regarding measles, those responsible for children aged between six months and 5 years must take them to health centers to be vaccinated. “As a doctor, I didn’t see any case of measles during my entire college life, because it was eradicated and it came back due to lack of vaccination”, concluded the secretary.

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