Pipe breaks and collapses part of the ceiling of the trauma unit at Hospital da Restauração

One water pipe breakon Monday afternoon (2), caused the fall of part of the ceiling of the trauma unit (emergency) at Hospital da Restauração (HR), at Derby, in the central area of ​​Recife. more than 80 patients needed to be removed of the sector.

As the ceiling is plastered, two boards gave way. There was trouble to transfer people who were hospitalized in the sector.

According to the HR press office, as soon as part of the roof fell, the maintenance went to the site, fixed the pipe break and removed the plates, which will be replaced.

Waiting for news from the hospitalized relatives, families were distressed at the entrance to the hospital. Market vendor Joelma Martins, 54, and her brother, office boy Demétrio Martins, 48, remained worried for hours without knowing information about their 82-year-old mother, who was hospitalized in the trauma sector of HR since Saturday (30), after a stroke.

“It’s chaos here because of this pipe. We came yesterday (Sunday, the 1st) to talk to the social worker and we couldn’t. Today they’re not letting me in to see my mother. She has to have a companion to change her diapers, her dress. She has urinary incontinence and diabetes. I don’t even know if she ate yet. JCthe brothers Joelma and Demetrius.

Also in the HR, the resident of Camaragibe (Grande Recife) Sônia Maria Lira, 62 years old, informed that, when she arrived to visit her husband, she learned that the ceiling had fallen and that the trauma sector was full of water. “The patients got wet, especially the intubated ones. They took them out of the red ward and put them back there. Now I want to visit my husband, who has been waiting for surgery for two months because of a problem with his spine. He is on a stretcher. , on the floor. I don’t know if it was hit by a piece of plaster. And there’s not even water here for patients to drink. If we don’t bring it, they get thirsty”, says Sônia.

At around 3:40 pm, the director of the HR, Miguel Arcanjo, spoke to the press about what had happened and assured that there was no shortage of water for patients. Furthermore, he assured that the situation is under control. “There is no risk for the patient now. Everything is back to normal,” he said.

The director said that, with the rupture of the water pipe, water spilled into the orange wing. “It also ended up going to the red wing. The patients (in these sectors) were taken to another area of ​​the hospital. Then, we contained the leak and cleaned the entire area”, said Miguel Arcanjo. “All the patients are back, and thank God nothing happened. Everything is under control,” added the HR director. He also assured that, although patients were hit by the water that came down from the ceiling, they were not hurt by the plaster.

In all, according to Miguel Arcanjo, 86 patients are hospitalized in the area affected by the rupture of the pipe. As a result, 75% of them had to be temporarily removed. “They went to the yellow sector and corridor. But no one was harmed.” To try to control the problem, family visits, which were supposed to take place at 2 pm, were suspended.

Asked about infrastructure problems at the hospital, Miguel Arcanjo reported that preventive and corrective maintenance is regularly carried out at the unit. “On this outside (where the family members are), as we don’t have patients in it or assistance, we have a lesser concern with this area”, said the director of the HR to explain why the health unit remains with exposed hardware and ceiling linings. plaster fallen in the external area.

The Public Ministry of Pernambuco (MPPE) determined, on the afternoon of this Monday (2), that the Hospital da Restauração should rule on the fall of part of the ceiling of the trauma (emergency) unit.

Through the Health Defense Department of the Capital, an official notice was issued with an official letter sent to the hospital’s management, so that “it can comment on the images and the measures adopted, in order to guarantee assistance to the patients of this sector”. The director, surgeon Miguel Arcanjo, has 24 hours to speak.

The president of the Pernambuco Physicians Union (Simepe), Walber Steffano, informs that he has already talked with the direction of the HR to understand the cause of the problem and how are the patients in the area affected by the fall of the ceiling. “It could have been an eventual thing, but unfortunately this type of occurrence of the HR is not uncommon. The images show how desperate a situation was. We had already requested a conversation with the Secretary of Health (André Longo) to bring up issues of lack of structure in hospitals”, says Walber.

He adds that the health crisis resulting from the covid-19 pandemic has aggravated public health problems that have been going on for many years, the responsibility of many successive governments. “Added to this, there was an immense deterioration in the structural capacity of the services. We see the corridors occupied with patients, who also get to stay on stretchers at the entrance of the banks located inside the hospitals. There are units, such as the Otávio de Freitas Hospital (West Zone Recife), in which patients were left on gurneys outside, the unit was so overcrowded”, he adds.

neglect and insecurity

Inaugurated 52 years ago, the HR welcomes people from all over the state of Pernambuco. And the biggest public emergency in the North and Northeast of BrazilBesides being reference in the care of cases of severe burns, intoxication, aggressions, traffic accidents and neurosurgery.

But unfortunately, in addition to neglectpatients and caregivers report overcrowding, delay in attendance and in carrying out exams in the HR.

Another worrying point is that the hospital has still been experiencing days of insecurity. Recently officials have denounced robberies inside the unit. Just over a month ago, workers reported that a man easily entered the hospital’s rooms and rest rooms to steal objects and money from health teams.

When asked about the situations reported in the HR, the Pernambuco Health Department (SES) responded, in a note, that “the social service is the link between companions and/or family with patients admitted to the hospital. wards receive information directly from the medical team. In places where the presence of the companion is not allowed, such as the trauma unit, ICU (intensive care unit) and recovery room, family members have schedules defined by the social service so that information about the clinical evolution is passed on”.

The folder adds that, when it is not possible for family members to be present, the social service also provides a telephone number so that the family can have information. Regarding body hygiene and other patient care, the SES reported that the “multiprofessional team follows the recommended protocol according to the clinical picture, with all actions carried out continuously”.

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