Putin may declare war on May 9, says UK

Date marks the Russians’ “Victory Day” over the Nazis; in addition to the symbolism, officiating would allow the recruitment of soldiers

Russian President Vladimir Putin may declare war on Ukraine on May 9, US and UK officials said. Until then, the Russian claims to be carrying out a “special military operation” to the “denazification” from the neighboring country. The officialization of the conflict would be used to justify an escalation of force to conquer eastern and southern Ukraine.

May 9 is Russia’s “Victory Day” over the Nazis in 1945. Western officials have said Putin could use the date to announce a military conquest in Ukraine, increased hostilities, or both.

I think he’s going to try to get out of his ‘special op’,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told radio LBC on Thursday (29.Apr.2022). In Wallace’s assessment, Putin “is preparing the ground to be able to say: ‘look, now it’s a war against the Nazis’” and mobilize more people through its propaganda.

Wallace said that “would not be surprised”, but added that he has no information on how the Russian president will actually act.

It is believed that choosing the date could help Russia’s leader gain popular support. Under the country’s law, the declaration of war would allow Putin to mobilize reserve forces and recruit soldiers. Western and Ukrainian officials estimate that at least 10,000 Russian servicemen were killed in the war.

Another option to celebrate May 9 mentioned by CNN International it would be to annex the breakaway territories of Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, advance to Odessa in the south, or declare full control of Mariupol, also in southern Ukraine.

On Monday (May 2), the US ambassador to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), Michael Carpenter, said that reports from the US Department of Intelligence indicate that Russia will try to annex Luhansk and Donetsk.”sometime in mid-may”.

According to US State Department spokesman Ned Price, there are “good reason to believe that the Russians will do everything they can to use” May 9 to advertise.

We saw that the Russians actually doubled down on their propaganda efforts, probably, almost certainly, as a means of distracting themselves from their tactical and strategic failures on the battlefield in Ukraine.”, Price said in an interview with journalists on Monday (2.mai).

He classified it as a “great irony” of Moscow to use “Victory Day” to declare war. This “would allow them to recruit people in a way that they are not able to do now, in a way that would amount to revealing to the world that their war effort is failing, that they are struggling.” to achieve your goals.

I’m pretty confident that we’ll hear more from Moscow by May 9,” added Price. “I am very confident that you will hear more from the United States, from our partners, including our NATO partners. [Organização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte]until May 9 as well.

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