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A new focus of Russian attacks, the port city of Odessa, in southwest Ukraine, had a military logistics center bombed on Tuesday (3), the Russian Defense Ministry said. Moscow says the site housed weapons sent to Kiev by Western countries.

Odessa is Ukraine’s third largest city and has been the focus of Russian attacks in recent days, despite being in the western part of the country. – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government was concentrating attacks on the east, which it says it wants to conquer.

Moscow’s new objective is to target cities that have served as a base for the arrival of weapons from European countries and the United States. Last week, the Kremlin threatened the West with severe retaliation if it continued to send weapons to Ukraine.

Odessa in WWII and Today: See the Similarity in Resistance Images

Odessa in WWII and Today: See the Similarity in Resistance Images

The attack was carried out with high-precision missiles, which Russian troops have adopted to destroy international arms depots.

“Hangars with Bayraktar TB2 drones, as well as missiles and ammunition from the United States and European countries, were destroyed,” the ministry said in a statement.

On Monday night, another missile hit the city, causing deaths and injuries, according to the city’s mayor, Maksym Marchenko. On the same day, in the morning, Russia bombed a bridge that was the only land link with the southern part of the city. And over the weekend, a runway at the local airport was also hit by a missile.

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