Russia says Israel supports ‘neo-Nazism’ in Ukraine

Israeli Chancellor Says Sergey Lavrov’s Comment About Nazi Leader Is “Unforgivable”

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement this Tuesday (May 3, 2022) accusing Israel’s Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, of being “collaborating” with neo-Nazism in Ukraine. This Monday (May 2, 2022), Lapid said that Russian Chancellor Sergey Lavrov’s speech about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, “have Jewish blood” It’s “Unforgiven”.

The statement was given to an Italian TV channel on Sunday (May 1, 2022). At the time, Lavrov was asked how Russia is doing “denazifying” Ukraine if the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is Jewish. To justify the accusations of Nazism against the Ukrainian president, Lavrov claimed that Hitler had “Jewish blood”.

According to Lapid, Russian speech was “unforgivable and outrageous” and shows the lowest level of racism against the Jewish people. The Israeli chancellor said that the Russian’s statement is a “terrible historic mistake”.

In a statement, the ministry says the comments were “anti-heroes” and explain the “Israel support for the Kiev regime”. The organ also says that the Jewish origin of the Ukrainian president does not prevent Nazism in the country. “Anti-Semitism in everyday life and politics has not stopped and, on the contrary, is fed (in Ukraine)”he said.

This is the first time Israel has condemned Russian allegations about the Ukrainian president. This shows that the Israeli government is slowly changing its stance towards Russia and showing more willingness to help Ukraine. At the beginning of the conflict, Zelensky even demanded that the country take a firmer stance to impose sanctions on Russia.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declared support for Ukraine at the start of the conflict, but remained wary of supporting severe sanctions and disrupting relations with the country, given Russia’s proximity to Syria.

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