Sanctions won’t be lifted until Russia signs peace deal, says German Chancellor – News

Sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine will not be lifted until Moscow reaches a peace deal with Kiev, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said. According to him, it is up to Ukraine to decide which peace it wants.

In an interview with public television channel ZDF, Scholz said Putin had miscalculated when he believed he could win territories from Ukraine, declare an end to hostilities and see Western countries abandon sanctions.

“He didn’t think this whole Ukraine operation straight,” Scholz said. “He didn’t think Ukraine would resist that way. He didn’t think we would support it to resist for that long. We’re not going to lift sanctions until he comes to an agreement with Ukraine, and he’s not going to do that with a imposed peace.”

Scholz added that he had no plans to visit Kiev after a trip planned by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was canceled over Ukrainian government objections.

The European Union is preparing a sixth package of sanctions against Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, which began just over two months ago. The economic bloc is inclined to ban Russian oil imports until the end of the year.

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