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Teachers and other public servants in Education are currently the largest users of the Federal District Government’s (GDF) health plan, the GDF Saúde. According to the Instituto de Assistência à Saúde dos Servidores do DF (Inas-DF), 48% of the services provided by the agreement were provided to professionals in the area.

Subsequently, 28% of the total number of calls were received by health workers. From its creation, in October 2020, until March 31 of this year, the plan registered more than 5 thousand hospitalizations. Of this total, 59% were female patients.

According to Inas-DF, the local health plan carried out 195,000 consultations for employees and their dependents. It also enabled more than 2,800 surgeries.

GDF Saúde guaranteed more than 1.26 million laboratory tests to servers. Currently, the plan protects approximately 80,000 lives between members and dependents.


Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the plan accounted for 400 hospitalizations for employees and family members infected with the new coronavirus, and access to 80 beds in the intensive care unit (ICU).

According to Inas-DF, GDF Saúde paid for 16,000 RT-PCR exams for the diagnosis of infection or not by Covid-19.

no readjustment

Contrary to individual health plans, the GDF Saúde will not have an adjustment in 2022, as reported by the metropolises this Monday (2/5). In June, Inas-DF will launch popular and national packages.

The institute also began to sign agreements with dependent public companies, such as Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil (Novacap).

Soon, the district government should send a project to the Legislative Chamber (CLDF) in order to pave the way for agreements with independent public companies, such as the Environmental Sanitation Company of the DF (Caesb).

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