Study: Emergence of More Dangerous Variants of Covid-19 Is Imminent | Health

Hong Kong scientists reveal microscope image of Omicron variant
Reproduction / University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong scientists reveal microscope image of Omicron variant

A survey conducted by a group of Brazilian researchers, published in the specialized journal ‘Viruses’, pointed out the high probability of the emergence of new – and more dangerous – variants of covid-19 in the country.

Scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB) and the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) of the University of São Paulo (USP) and the Hospital Sírio-Libanês reviewed more than 150 articles analyzing all aspects of the virus, considering the immunity of the population and the effectiveness of vaccination.

In an exclusive interview with IG,
Cristiane Guzzo, a professor at ICB-USP and the main author of the article, stated that there is a false sense of security in the country since the prevention measures were relaxed.

“Right now, the number of cases and deaths has dropped. The values ​​are lower than the peak of the pandemic, so this gives a feeling that the trend now is for the pandemic to end. We don’t have as many deaths or cases of infection as at the peak of the pandemic – of course, the ideal would be that we didn’t have any cases. But that gives a feeling of comfort”, he analyzes.

The main conclusion of the work, however, is that “we must not let the virus circulate”, because according to the experts, “we don’t know what the variants will be like in the coming months”, he says.

In the wake of this result, Cristiane considers that the release of the use of masks and the end of the public health emergency across the country harm the fight against new cases.

“Taking off the mask gives the population the feeling that the pandemic is over, that everything is under control, and it is not. human being, who has this characteristic of being modified, then this [novas variantes] is expected”, he says.

“Relaxing the security lines gives a feeling that there is no concern. It creates a feeling that it’s a little flu, and that’s where the danger lives. In my point of view [o ‘rebaixamento’] yes it is an error. It accelerates the emergence of a new variant of concern, without taking into account the post-covid, we still don’t know what the problems will be, if they will be for life or if they will be treatable “, he adds.

Another factor that worries researchers is transmissibility, which starts earlier and earlier among those who are infected.

According to Cristiane, 74% of the cases of delta transmissions were made by asymptomatic patients. If in the original strain the patient started to transmit one day before the symptoms, in the case of Delta, this happened two days before.

“This is extremely dangerous, it’s good for the virus, because that way it can continue to evolve, camouflage itself and stay in society.”

In addition to the vaccine, the researchers recommend maintaining sanitary measures, such as the use of masks, hand hygiene, in addition to cough etiquette, to avoid contamination.

The researcher says that there is a lack of a coordinated effort between countries so that new waves do not happen.

“Each country takes different measures at different times. This makes it difficult to control the pandemic. Imagine that as soon as we knew that China was facing this problem, we would have already made blockades. International coordination is lacking. The pandemic came to show us that the only The way we have is to think of unity, and not as a fragment of the country, treating it independently. Attitudes should be universal”, he concludes.

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