Swiss newspaper details where Putin’s alleged children with lover were born

the swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger published details on the birthplace of alleged children of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, named as his mistress. According to the report, the new information is from two boys, one who was born in a luxury clinic in the Ticino region of Switzerland in 2015, and another who was born in Moscow in 2019.

The case involving the former athlete and the Russian representative was revealed in 2008 by the newspaper Moscow Correspondent, but the matter resurfaced after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine on 24 February. Until then, little more in-depth information had been published about Putin’s alleged children.

According to the Swiss newspaper, the details that until now were unknown were confirmed by a gynecologist from Switzerland, but of Russian origin, who would have acted in the birth of the two boys. The doctor’s identity was not revealed by the report.

An obstetrician, who was interviewed by the outlet and was also not named, said the gynecologist was an old acquaintance of Putin’s since his youth, when he was still living in St. Petersburg. At the time, the city was still called Leningrad. “He maintained a relationship of trust with Putin,” said the doctor.

Also according to the Swiss newspaper, Alina would have traveled to Switzerland to have her first child as a measure to avoid drawing attention from the press. The attempt, however, did not work, with the media reporting the birth of the child.

At the time, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, denied the information and called the public stories a “journalistic farce”.

“I had to keep the whole thing very low-key,” said the obstetrician, who described Alina as “a very nice woman.”

On the date of the first birth, Putin would not have accompanied Alina on the trip to Switzerland. In the second, however, the strategy was different. The Russian president, according to the Tages-Anzeiger, decided that her son would be born in Moscow. At the time, there was a post about the baby’s birth on a Russian website, but it was quickly deleted.

“She is a real sportswoman, very straight, without pose. She came with her mother and sister, but without bodyguards”, said the doctor.

extramarital relationship

One of Russia’s most successful rhythmic gymnasts, Alina Kabaeva is named as one of the Russian president’s mistresses. She has dabbled in pro-government politics and is president of the state-owned media company. Today, Alina would be hiding in Switzerland, along with her four children from her relationship with the president.

The American site Page Six is ​​the one that gives the information. According to an anonymous source, she would be in a “very private and very safe cottage”. The Olympic gold medalist would have four children with Putin. This information was never confirmed by either of them. Without giving room for questioning, especially from the media, the leader of Russia is emphatic in saying that he does not allow interference in his personal life.

Alina won 14 medals at world championships and another 21 at European championships. During her career in the sport, she was dubbed “the most flexible woman in Russia” and posed nude for a men’s magazine. A Russian newspaper announced in 2008 Putin’s divorce from his wife, claiming he was about to marry the athlete. The information was denied by the Kremlin and the newspaper was closed.

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