The Biden Administration’s Plan to Reconnect the US and Brazil — and the Key Role of Fertilizers in It

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  • From BBC News Brazil in Washington

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Country imports 85% of the fertilizers it uses and Russia accounts for 23% of imports

After publicly demonstrating dissatisfaction with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) trip to Russia in February and assessing that Brazil could be on the “wrong side” of history in relation to the war in Ukraine, the US president’s government, Joe Biden, seems to be trying to “recalibrate” the relationship between Washington and Brasilia.

Last week, a high-level State Department delegation visited its Brazilian counterparts for a lengthy round of talks described to BBC News Brazil as “friendly” and “constructive” by both sides.

The Americans avoided criticism of Brazil’s lack of support for economic sanctions imposed by the Americans and their allies on Russia after the military invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin and, in practice, tried to offer Brazilian diplomats an action plan for Brazil to reduce its trade. with the Russians and get closer to the US.

the american plan

Russia is the biggest exporter of fertilizers to Brazil, which consumes about 40 million tons a year of the material, considered essential to move the country’s agribusiness – and therefore, the economy.

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