Thieves steal 5 Chevrolet Camaro from US factory

Nine people broke into the General Motors plant in the US city of Lansing, Michigan, but were located and arrested last Monday. The criminals stole five new Chevrolet Camaro units from there overnight from Sunday to Monday.

Police were alerted and placed on the I-96 highway, and quickly found the five models after their drivers failed to stop the cars at roadblocks set up by the police. After that, they split into two groups and the persecutions ensued. Police were able to use stop sticks to puncture car tires. One of them came to blows.

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This caused the criminals to attempt an escape on foot. However, they were unsuccessfully arrested by the police and will now face various charges, such as fleeing and deceiving, receiving and hiding stolen vehicle, conspiracy to commit an illegal act and resisting and obstructing police action. All suspects are sixth male and are between 20 and 24 years old.

“No police officer or any of the suspects were injured,” the police said on Twitter, estimating the value of the cars at $375,000.

“We are working with the Lansing Police Department regarding the original theft of the vehicles. This is an excellent job by all law enforcement agencies to stop and prevent further crimes.”

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