Zhengzhou, China, adopts new restrictions against covid

Until May 10, classes will be online and public and private employees must work remotely

The city of Zhengzhou, in the center of China, announced this Tuesday (3.May.2022) the adoption of new measures to try to contain the outbreak of covid-19. In a statement made on the municipality’s official account on the social network WeChat, the local government said that the restrictions run from May 4 to 10, and may be renewed. The information is from Reuters.

Among the measures is the adoption of online classes and remote work for public and private employees.

China struggles to control the spread of the pandemic. The country announced on Saturday (April 30) that the capital Beijing will again adopt stricter measures to control the covid from this Thursday (May 5th). Among them, mandatory testing with a negative result for the coronavirus so that people have access to public places.

For now, there is still no talk of quarantine in the city, as was done in Shanghai. The city of 25 million is the epicenter of the new wave of covid-19 in China and has been in quarantine since March 14.

China applied throughout the pandemic the policy of covid zero, which uses fast locks and severe restrictions to contain outbreaks. The campaign is important for Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who is seeking a third term. The measures, however, have frustrated residents, especially those in Shanghai.

Authorities say there are 16,000 isolated areas in the city. In one of them, 4 million people are banned from leaving their homes. On Saturday, no daily case was recorded of the disease outside the quarantine areas.

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