Elderly man pulled alive from body bag moments before cremation

An elderly man, believed to have died from Covid-19, was rescued alive in China on Sunday (5/1), moments before being taken to a crematorium. Undertakers were loading the body into a vehicle when they noticed the bag used to transport the dead bodies was moving (see video below).

Shocking images were circulated on Chinese social media and caused outrage. In the scenes it is possible to see the men in personal protective clothing removing the yellow bag from the car and opening it, when they came across the man alive.

“He is alive. Don’t cover (his) face anymore, please,” said a man looking angry. Moments later, staff took the retiree back to the nursing home on a stretcher.

transferred to hospital

According to local media, government officials from Shanghai’s Putuo district confirmed that nursing home staff placed the man in the body bag and arranged for him to be cremated.

The retiree was transferred to a hospital for a comprehensive checkup. So far, he is in stable condition, state media Global Times reported.

A spokesperson for the nursing home apologized for the patient’s poor treatment and said it was working with the Putuo government to establish a special unit to investigate how the incident occurred.

At least four staff, a nursing home director and a doctor have been fired and will be investigated, the Putuo district government said.

shanghai in quarantine

Two years after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the city of Shanghai is once again experiencing a strict lockdown of at least a month to control new cases of the disease, which is advancing in China again.

With thousands of new cases being reported daily, authorities have urged the population to quarantine. Even robot dogs have been placed on the streets to remind people to stay at home. Drones also circle the skies over Shanghai to monitor the population.

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