fast platinum games attract more users

Hunting platinum is one of the top habits of PS4 and PS5 gamers. While many use the feature just for fun, other players take the practice seriously and seek not only to experience the best games, but also to make numbers on their profiles. And it seems that the PS Store is increasingly inviting to these users, with the “pay-for-platinum” games.

Popularly known as “garapas”, these games stand out for guaranteeing trophies in a short time, with records of a few minutes for the maximum prize. In addition, many users “cheat” the system and buy different region versions of the titles, taking advantage of the low price to multiply their rewards.

Unlike the controversial mugs sold on the gray market, this new monetization modality taxes games with minimum values ​​to deliver short campaigns, potentially made just for platinum. It is estimated that dozens of works are already available through the digital store, with thousands of active registered users (via PSN Profiles).

Among the highlights is Rock Paper Scissors, from the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series of minimalist games. According to Push Square, your trophies can be fully obtained in as little as 2.5 minutes. In addition to this collection, more than 150 copies of breakout, by Smobile, are sold on the PS Store for the sole purpose of earning platinum.

Rock Paper Scissors image from ps store
Promotional image of Rock Paper Scissors

How do you feel about getting trophies effortlessly? Do you believe that practice can disqualify more laborious platinum? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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