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Google’s storefront for other sites helps to find information on the internet, but it is a problem when personal data is available without the consent of the holders.

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To solve the problem, the company released last Wednesday (27) a form where users can request the removal of their personal information. It can be used for request the withdrawal of information such as CPF, bank account numbers, address, telephone and email.

Check out how to request the deletion of your data from Google search:

  1. Access the form created by Google at this link;
  2. Under “What do you want to do?”, choose “Remove information found in Search Google“;
  3. Let us know that you want to remove information that is “In the search results of Google and on a website“;
  4. Indicate if you have already contacted the site owner (webmaster) – if this has been done without success or the user prefers not to speak with the site, Google will allow the form to continue;
  5. Then click on “Personal information such as identification numbers and private documents“.

Google Form — Photo: Reproduction

From there, Google presents options on what kind of information needs to be removed. The list includes address, phone number, email, document numbers, bank or credit card account numbers, signatures, medical documents and login details.

According to the choice, Google introduces a new step in which users must enter their contact details, including name, country and email.

Google also asks users to submit links to websites that show personal data and links to the search results where those websites appear – in both cases, you can submit up to 1,000 URLs. To facilitate the processing of the order, the search engine also requests screenshots of the pages cited in the lists.

The company may also ask whether the publication of the data is related to doxxing, an act that refers to the sharing of personal information with malicious, threatening or harassing intentions.

In announcing the news, the company explained that it will evaluate the content of the page to ensure that removing the search link will not limit other people’s access to useful information.

“We will also assess whether the content appears as part of the public record on government websites or from official sources. In these cases, we will not take down removals,” Google said.

“Removing content from Google Search will not remove it from the Internet, which is why you can contact the hosting site directly if you are comfortable doing so,” the company continued.

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