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Like administration, Health Management is based on the principles of planning, organization, direction and control. The person who works in this area has the mission to coordinate work processes in hospital environments, deal with people (hiring, layoffs and training), monitor financial resources, medicines, equipment, produce strategic plans, define workflows, purchases and investments in public or private health facilities.

It is worth noting that Health Management goes far beyond clinics and hospitals. But it is also present in environmental issues and in the search for quality of life, which gives professionals even more job opportunities in the area.

All this with the aim of ensuring safety, health and providing a quality service for patients. However, to manage a health institution it is necessary to add a little more knowledge and skills in the professional profile.

At Gran Cursos Pós you will find the Postgraduate studies in Strategic Health Management, especially focused on the Nursing Care role. So, if you’ve always wanted to conquer this public office, this specialization is for you! Follow the article to learn more details and how to sign up with discounts!

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Health Management: What is the career like?

Where the professional can work:

  • clinics;
  • Hospitals;
  • Laboratories;
  • Health service providers;
  • Hospital logistics and support services companies;
  • Health insurance;
  • Health Cooperatives;
  • Medical-hospital equipment industry;
  • Research Institutes and Centers;
  • In the Unified Health Service, the SUS, at the national, state and local levels;
  • Health advisory and consultancy;
  • Regulatory and inspection agencies;
  • Municipalities;
  • Health Departments;
  • Ministries;
  • Rest homes.

Professional salary

There are several areas that a professional in Health Management can pursue, so the salary varies greatly depending on the position.

The remuneration of the hospital manager is on average R$ 4,622.83. With investment in specific knowledge, the financial return grows, reaching an average of up to R$ 12,174.77.

This amount may vary depending on the position. Check out:

  • health management support activities: R$ 10,268.50;
  • health insurance: R$ 7,710;
  • hospital care activities: R$ 6,132.30;
  • activities of diagnostic and therapeutic complementation services: R$ 5,647.50;
  • activities to provide support infrastructure and patient care at home: R$ 4,600;
  • activities of associations for the defense of social rights: R$ 4,045.33.

Source: UNOPAR blog

What is studied in the Strategic Health Management course?

What can you expect from the Graduate in Strategic Health Management – ​​Lato Sensu at Gran Cursos Online?

THE Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Health Management It’s everything you expect from a specialization and more!

We combine theory and practice with a active methodology of knowledge, based on problem solving, interdisciplinarity and the interconnection of themes. You will work with expertise desired in both the private and public spheres, standing out in the job market.

Course curriculum:

Module I
Strategic Management in Organizations
20 hours
Strategic Management in Organizations II
2 hours
Budget and Financial Management
45 hours
Government Tenders and Contracts
30 hours
Public Management
45 hours
Module II
Accounting Management
45 hours
People Management and Health Work Process I
21 hours
People Management and Health Work Process II
6 hours
Processes management
36 hours
Project management
26 hours
Project Management II
2 hours
Module III
Material Resource Management
25 hours
Material Resource Management II
5 hours
Quality Management – Accreditation and Certification and Patient Safety I
20 hours
Quality Management – Accreditation and Certification and Patient Safety II
10 hours
Norms and Standards for Health Auditing
25 hours
Norms and Standards for Health Auditing II
25 hours
Legal Topics in Health
10 hours
Health Regulation and Remuneration Mechanisms
10 hours
Information System and Technological Management in Health
3 hours
Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Health
10 hours
Management of Government Contracts and Purchases

Health Management: Why take a postgraduate course?

  • Promotion and salary increase: according to researches, those who have a specialization can earn up to 118% more than those who don’t;
  • More security to perform challenging tasks: when you have the protection of information and knowledge, complex tasks become easier to deal with;
  • trust development: exchanging experiences with professors and colleagues can broaden your view of the market and the area of ​​operation, bringing more self-confidence;
  • Possibility to change role or place of work: a postgraduate course provides new knowledge, so you can use it to change careers, functions or companies;
  • Development trend: Brazilian public health is one of the most comprehensive in the world. In addition to being available to all citizens, there is a growing trend in the population. With adequate investments, it is possible to obtain more and more jobs, which opens up new opportunities for those specializing in the management sector;
  • Versatility of areas: andthere are several areas in which a professional in Health Management can follow;
  • Ability to make an impact on people’s lives: working in this area means seeking solutions and improvements for one of the main demands of Brazilian society, health.

Health Management: make your specialization at a discount

The Postgraduate in Health Management is one of the 10 new specializations launched on the 1 year anniversary of Gran Cursos Postgraduate. And you can guarantee discounts of up to 40% on the entire course when you register.

See available coupons:

  • GRAN student: 40% discount (12x of R$179.88)
  • Gran’s former student: 30% discount (12x of R$209.86)
  • New student: 20% discount (12x of R$239.84)

Secure your registration at a discount!

Enroll in the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Health Management

Find out what students say about the course!

Since its launch in 2021, the specialization courses at Gran Cursos Post-Graduation have achieved extremely high levels of student satisfaction, with percentages above 95%! See below the testimony of one of the students of the Postgraduate Course in Legal and Criminal Sciences:

“When Gran launched the graduate program, I was already a student of the unlimited subscription and I knew about the quality of the classes. So I didn’t think twice and soon signed up for graduate school. It was an excellent complement in my preparation for public contests. The 2 in 1 postgraduate degree is really a differential. Classes are available for all subjects of the contest and, also, a very complete and interesting postgraduate course, with very good professors. The course is easy to access, the classes are uncomplicated, and the support is great. The 2 in 1 postgraduate course is excellent value for money. I recommend it with my eyes closed.”

  • Amanda de Oliveira, student at Gran Post.

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