Impossible? 1 MHz Pentium CPU manages to start Windows XP after 3 hours

Microsoft operating system model recommends 233 MHz minimum

THE Windows XP was officially launched by Microsoft on October 25, 2001. Among the minimum specifications necessary to run the company’s operating system is a processor with 233 MHz of capacity. It would then be possible to run the Windows XP having only 1 MHz on a processor? The new portal tests NTDEV indicate yes, but this may take a while.

In the last week, the NTDEV published a test in which a processor of only 1 MHz was able to initialize the Windows XP in three hours. Being able to use the operating system Microsofthowever, was practically impossible and the test was terminated by a blue screen.

1 MHz really?

Many users questioned the veracity of the test, because on the initial screen the BIOS shows that the system is running 50MHz. the profile of NTDEV explains that this happens because the BIOS cannot detect the proper CPU frequency.

He also comments that if another BIOS was used, another value would still be displayed instead of the 1 MHz.

Anyway, the enthusiast profile didn’t give many specifications regarding the model used in their test. At listing in Older Intel Pentium processors from the developer itself, there is no model with 1 MHz.

The lowest frequency mentioned by the Intel in this list is from Intel Pentium III Processor with 600 MHz, launched in 1999 by the company. This model still has in its specs 256 KB L2 Cache and 19.5W TDP. Thus, the model used in the tests of NTDEV must be considerably older than the Pentium III.


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Via: Neowin Source: NTDev

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